Navajo concho belt by Jerry N. Platero VW

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By Navajo smith Jerry N. Platero. This belt has wonderful depth and texture due to the pronounced convexity of the conchas and buckle. This belt has six oval conchas and seven butterflies plus the buckle. Impeccably precise doming is present in each concha, butterfly and in the buckle. There is radiating eagle feather silverwork motif and a carefully sculpted scalloped edge. The butterflies also show pronounced convexity and, with their eagle feather motifs, seem to be a set of wings which enshroud the belt leather.  The conchas and butterflies are backed by brown leather and one copper band soldered to the back of each concha and butterfly allows the piece to be threaded onto the belt strip and provides for easy size adjustment. The conchas on this belt are a little too big to be threaded through belt loops and this is meant to be worn over a gathered blouse or dress. Hallmarked "Jerry N. Platero" and stamped "Sterling" on the back of the buckle.


Buckle: 3 1/4"  x 2 1/8"          Oval conchas: (6) 2 5/8" x 2 1/4"          Butterflies: (7) 2 1/8" wide;  1 3/8" Width of leather: 1"


**Note on Size** With minimal spacing between the conchas, this belt silver is 33" + additional 27" of leather. This belt has a generous amount of leather to make it appropriate for a larger person or can be worn with the silver closer together by a smaller person.