Lucy Lewis, Acoma dish with parrot design

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 Full circle - I purchased this pot from Lucy's family in1991, shortly before her death in March 1992.  I then sold it to a collector, who recently passed away.  His family asked me to sell it for them. 
The beautiful small dish is in good condition, but there are a couple of spots that are less than perfect.  See my description and photos for detail.  That said, this is at least 25 years old and is extremely beautiful.   
Lucy was the icon and most notable matriarch of the Acoma potters.  Her delicate and carefully crafted pots are coveted by collectors.  She begins her pieces with gray clay, and in the pueblo tradition, hand coils the body of the pot.  The process is then a laborious one of painting and firing.  Many of the Acoma potters, including Lucy, use yucca leaves as brushes.  The design is a parrot, which is a favorite of many Acoma potters.  I was told it symbolized beauty as the colorful feathers are used in traditional regalia.
Condition is good, but not perfect.  There are no cracks, chips or scratches, but there are some areas on the rim that are rubbed a bit (photo shown).  On the face of the sidh there are a couple of spots that seem like something was stored in the dish.  I actually think it could be washed and mabe problem solved - but no promises.  
Size:  51/2" diameter x 1 1/4" high