Vangie Tafoya, Jemez - Red bowl with etched feathers and bear paw

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This is an elegant pot with an asymetrical top and embellished with bear paw tracks, feathers and water symbols such as clouds and lightning.  

Vangie Tafoya (Jemez/San Ildefonso) comes from a distinguished pottery family and is a relative of legendary potter Maria Martinez. She was inspired to carry on the family’s tradition of pottery-making by her grandmother Maria Sanchez Colaque, and has passed on the art to her daughters Brenda Tafoya and Helen Henderson. Vangie Tafoya is known for her elegant stone polished redware that often features intricate sgraffito designs representing hummingbirds, water serpents, feathers and other elements drawn from nature. Her signature on each of her piece’s includes an eagle feather design to pay respect to her clan. She makes her pottery by hand using natural clay and traditional methods.

Condition: Excellent

Size: 3 1/2" high x 4 1/4" diameter