Neil David Sr, Hopi Shalako Mana Kachina Sculpture

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I first met Neil on the Hopi reservation in 1985.  He was already a noted carver as well as painter.  His engaging personality and subtle humor made him wonderful to visit.  He came to do at show at my gallery in the late 1980's and sold out of his many distinctive kachina dolls.  While he is best known for his clowns, his work includes many styles as shown in this Shalako Mana sculpture.  I sold this piece to a collector, I believe in the early 90's.  She recently passed away, so her family has asked me to sell it for them.  

Neil was born in 1944 at Tewa village atop First Mesa, and currently resides at Polacca.  To say that his work is collectible is an understatement.  Now over 70 years old, and without many items on the market, I highly recommend this one of a kind piece of Native beauty.

Condition: It appears that there were feathers on the headdress originally, but no longer. Otherwise - excellent.

Size: 10 1/2" tall x 3" base x 5 1/4" headdress width