Native American Bison Skull HUGE - Black War Bonnet Society design

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Awesome huge male bull bison skull - painted with the Black War Bonnet Society design. Approximately 30" x 30"

The skull came from South Dakota and was painted by a Lakota artist in Rapid City.

What makes this skull so special is that the entire thing is intact - NO damage to jaw, eye sockets or horns! Skulls are fragile, so they often have missing or broken pieces. This is in excellent condition.

Black War Bonnet Design - Popular among the tribes of the Northern Plains, this typical "Black Warbonnet" design was commonly used to decorate men's robes.

The stylized view is representative of the familiar warbonnet style headdress when viewed from behind. The black and white colors together represent the eagle feathers used in construction of the warbonnets.

This design was oftentimes accompanied by other drawings to make a war record by recording one's exploits in battle.

FROM THE PRAIRIE EDGE COMPANY, WHERE THE SKULL ORIGINATED:  Black is the dominant color of the Black War Bonnet Society.  In traditional Lakota culture, black came from the west and meant danger and death.  The Black War Bonnet design represents war medicine.  It's carrier was the fiercst of warriors.  He put death on his shield and robe and rode Thunder Horses, which also came from the west.  He was feared by all, and no one crossed his path.

By puting a black design on his shield or buffalo robe, the owner wsa holding back death.  It gave him invulnerability.  The white in its designs represent life after death.  Together, the two colors say, in effect, that the owner will not go from tis life into the  next life until the proper time.

Putting the Black War Bonnet design on a buffalo skull and locating it near a tepee or an encampment identified the inhabitants as members of the fierce Black War Bonnet Society.