Uncle of the Corn Dancers, by Cecil Calnimptewa, Hopi

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Cecil Calnimptewa, Jr. is a top  award-winning Hopi carver - perhaps the most famous carver of all.  His carevings are coveted by serious collectors as well as museums and gallerys.  His work has been featured in numerous publications and he has won awards from every major Native American show.  Cecil was born in 1950 in Moenkopi village and, in 1991, after winning Best of Division, Best of Class, and 1st Place ribbons at Santa Fe Indian Market, he lost his wife Muriel to pneumonia.  He eventually returned to carving creating some of his best work.  


This doll came from a private collection, and has been described at "Uncle of the Corn Dancers".  It is in perfect condition.


Size: 13" overall - 10" Doll - 4 1/2" deep - 3 1/4" wide