Hilili Katsina by William Kootwatewa, Hopi

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William Kootswatewa is a very respected Hopi carver from the village of Polacca, Arizona on First Mesa.   His work shows great attention to detail and are typically created from a single piece of cottonwood.  Wm. "Koots" is in his 60s and has been carving for many years.  This is an extremely well done carving.


According to the Brooklyn Museum, Hilili has characteristics of two different spirits.  He is known to carry real or stuffed snakes and dances with Mudhead Kachinas, who are clowns who misbehave and entertain the crowd.  Also this kachina may represent a Snake Dancer.   Either way he is associated with bringing water for crops. 


Size: 12" overall - 10" doll - 4 1/2" wide - 4" deep