Rez Protectors and the Red Feather Crow Agency Study Hall Build


We were on the Oprah Winfrey Show!  And, by we, I mean Red Feather Development Group's founder, Robert Young.  Since I was an active supporter, a member of their Board of Directors and a RF volunteer, I was in the audience with his wife and the parents of the four young Crow girls - The Rez Protectors.


Why am I going to the Feast at San Ildefonso?

First...What is a Feast Day at a Pueblo?  “Feast Days” at each of the Pueblos are named after the Pueblos’ patron saint.  The Pueblos open up their respective Feast Days to the public (see calendar and etiquette pages) where visitors can view the reverant dances and songs offered on those days.


30+ years! Hard to believe...and where did the years go?  Here is a brief history...



Building a Home for the Fast Wolf family - Pine Ridge, SD 2000 



I cried when my plane flew over “the build”. It was an unexpected and appreciated gift as the fly by gave me one more chance to say good-bye. And, I was having a very hard time saying good-bye.

August 19, 2010 – “I am staying with a friend in Albuquerque but at 4:30am I am up and ready to head out. Destination: Santa Fe. It is Friday, the day before Santa Fe Indian Market and I am on my way to help judge the artwork entered for competition.”

Sailing, Selling on the High Seas

Cruise Ships – Discovering a New Retail Market

I have been on many business trips before but I never imagined that I would be looking at the ocean out of my window while dressing for work.   But, after being recruited to sell Native American jewelry by a European firm that specializes in cruise retailing, that was the view out of the window (or should I say porthole).

Not long ago I watched the movie “Walk the Line” about country singer Johnny Cash’s life. He was asked, “What sums you up?”