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"Hugger" Earrings with Kingman Turquoise, Picture Jasper, and Black Jade by Designer David Rosales
These beautifully handmade multi-stone earrings were created by designer David Rosales. DIMENSIONS 3/4" x 1/4"CHANNEL INLAYTo create a piece of channel inlay jewelry, the artist constructs a series of channels in the metal which will hold the stones in place. Stones...
14K Gold & Natural Red Mountain Turquoise ring by Royce "Eagle Boy" Kohlmeyer, Walatowa (Jemez) Pueblo
Genuine Native American 14K ring with natural Red Mountain Turquoise by award winning jeweler from Walatowa (Jemez) Pueblo, Royce "Eagle Boy" Kohlmeyer. This is a one of a kind ring which hosts one of the finest turquoise stones. Eagle Boy's...
14K Gold ring by Annie Willie, Diné of the Navajo Nation - Indian Mountain Turquoise Ring DR5
14K Gold ring by Annie Willie, Navajo - Indian Mountain Turquoise. This is a beautiful free form contemporary ring set with genuine turquoise from the Indian Mountain Mine.DETAILS:Artist: Annie Willie, Diné of the Navajo Nation - signed with initials AW...
5 Stone Blue Turquoise Authentic Navajo Split Shank Ring
Super cool authentic Navajo ring that truly makes a statement! It hosts 5 genuine blue turquoise stones set in a row on a split shank band for comfort. This is a handmade piece of Native American artistry and while contemporary,...
Anthony Lovato, Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo Genuine Native American Tufa Cast cuff
Genuine Native American Tufa Cast cuff by Anthony Lovato, Kewa (Santo Domingo) PuebloDesign: Healing hand, clouds with rain, Antelope, sun and corn.DETAILSArtist: Anthony Lovato, Kewa (Santo Domingo) PuebloDimensions: Inside 5 3/8" + 1 1/16" openingMaterials: Sterling SilverCondition: New 82.6 Grams...
Antique Navajo Silver & Turquoise Concho Belt
Did someone say I need the coolest and most amazing concho belt EVER? Well, here you go. This antique belt is a stunning example of Navajo craftsmanship. It is backed with heavy thick leather and embellished with natural turquoise stones....
Authentic Hopi Eagle Feather Design Pueblo pot by Rachael Sahmie Nampeyo
Authentic Hopi Eagle Feather Sikyatki Design Pueblo pot by Rachael Sahmie Nampeyo. Rachel Sahmie Nampeyo, Hopi Pueblo, is a daughter of Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo and has been actively potting from about 1970 to the present. Her specialties are Sikyatki Revival...
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Authentic Huge Vintage Navajo Cuff with Natural Turquoise
WOW! This is a beautiful vintage Navajo cuff with handmade leaf, flowers, bezels and stamp work. It is truly a one-of-a-kind.Details: Artist: Signed with initials DJ Size: 3 3/8" long x 2" wide at the stones Wrist size: 5 1/4"...
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Authentic Inlay Cuff by Ray Tracey, Navajo Turquoise, Variscite & Red Coral
Ray Tracey is a famous Navajo jeweler and the artist who created this contemporary inlay bracelet. The process of inlay is to meticulously cut stones to fit into silver channels. Ray Tracey has mastered this technique, making his jewelry very...
Authentic Native American Handmade Gaspiete Feather Wrap Ring by David Kuticka, Isleta Pueblo
DETAILSArtist: David KutickaSize: 8 is slightly adjustable and can be ordered in other sizesSize of Stone: 1/4" aroundMaterials: Sterling Silver, GaspieteCondition: New The earliest known use of turquoise in the Southwest dates to about AD300. Turquoise has both spiritual and...
Authentic Native American Kingman Turquoise Bracelet Cuff by J. Nelson
This authentic sterling silver and Kingman turquoise cuff is created by a Navajo artisan. SIZE: Inner circumference of approximately 5 1/4” with an opening gap of 1 1/4”. The turquoise focal piece measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" at its...
Authentic Native American Navajo Coral Ring by Paul Largo
DETAILSArtist: Paul Largo, NavajoBand Width: 3/8" tapers to 1/8"RING SIZE: 9 can be sized Materials: Sterling Silver, CoralCondition: New Stone & Sterling Silver Care: Take care not to store turquoise with harder gemstones as they can scratch the softer surface...
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Authentic Native American Navajo made Turquoise ring
Authentic Navajo ring with beautiful light green turquoise. The turquoise is in sterling silver and set with a flat handmade bezel and surrounded with twist wire and raindrops. Details: Artist: Navajo made - signed with initial VB Ring size: 8...
Authentic Native American Pot by Rachel Aragon, Acoma Pueblo
Authentic Native American Pot by Rachel Aragon, Acoma Pueblo This is a lovely thin walled polychrome hand painted Acoma olla. Rachel and her sister Florence were known for this elegant style and are considered to be some of the very...
Authentic Native American Pueblo Pot by Acoma Pueblo artist Jackie Hista Shutiva
Authentic Native American Pueblo Pot by Acoma Pueblo artist Jackie Hista Shutiva. Approximate Size: 6 1/2” Diameter x 4 1/2” High This style of pottery is called “corrugated”, which is an ancient style of Acoma pottery. This style was revived...
Authentic Native American Pueblo Pottery by Barbara Gonzales, San Ildefonso
Authentic Native American Pueblo Pottery by Barbara Gonzales, San Ildefonso. Approximate Size: 3 3/4” Diameter x 2 1/2” High Barbara was born in 1947 to Marie Anita Martinez and Pino Martinez. She is the great-granddaughter of the famous Maria Martinez....
Authentic Native American Red Tail Hawk Feather Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
DETAILSArtist: NavajoBracelet Measurements:Wrist Size: 5 3/4" by 1" gapStone Design: 1" x 3/8"Band Width: 3/4"Materials: Sterling Silver, TurquoiseCondition: New    The earliest known use of turquoise in the Southwest dates to about AD300. Turquoise has both spiritual and economic value...
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Authentic Native American Sterling Silver Vintage Cuff Bracelet with Carico Lake Turquoise
Vintage Carico Lake Turquoise cuff bracelet - Navajo Native American made. This particular piece is not signed, however is of traditional Navajo design. It measures a 5 1/4” inner circumference with an 1” opening gap. The intricate silver band is...
Authentic Native American Turquoise Cluster Bracelet
This is a fantastic natural turquoise bracelet! The style is a traditional cluster style that has been made by both Navajo and Zuni artisans. This cuff was made in the 1990's and is a genuine Navajo piece. The stones are...
Authentic Native American Turquoise Ring with Feather and Flower Design
DETAILSArtist: Navajo artistRing Size: 8Size of Center Piece: 1 3/8" x 3/4"Size of Stone: 7/8" x 1/2"Materials: Sterling Silver, TurquoiseCondition: New The earliest known use of turquoise in the Southwest dates to about AD300. Turquoise has both spiritual and economic...
Authentic Native American Turquoise Sterling Silver Inlay Cuff
SIZE: This turquoise inlay cuff measures at 5” inner circumference with a 1 1/4” opening gap Approximately 1/2” wide at its widest point before tapering to roughly 1/4”. The piece is signed, but it is illegible. Stone & Sterling Silver...
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Authentic Navajo Blue Turquoise Stud Earrings
Navajo stud earrings with turquoise. The stone is set in a handmade bezel and encircled with silver. Beautiful touch of color at the ear!Details:Artist: Navajo unknownSize: 5/8" roundMaterials: Turquoise and sterling Silver4.5 Grams totalCondition: New
Authentic Navajo Cluster Turquoise Ring - Vintage
This is a stunning vintage Navajo turquoise cluster ring. Details:1. Artist unknown2. Size: Top design 2" x 1 1/4" 3. Ring Size: 6 1/44. 21.5 Grams5. 7 stones6. Condition - Used - Great FREE SHIPPING
Authentic Navajo contemporary Turquoise ring with stampwork
Authentic contemporary Navajo ring with turquoise and hand stamped work. The silver work is a flat style bezel, twist wire and lovely embellishment around the stone. The stone is a beautiful blue! Details:Ring Size: 8Top Design: 1 1/2" long x...
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