Zuni Turtle Fetish Made with Malachite Made by the Boone Family TC19 or 1/68
Zuni Turtle Fetish Made with Malachite made by the Boone Family. Native American Handmade Size: 1/2 t x 1 1/4 w x 1 3/4 long  Turtle goes with the flow of the river, not against it.  On this continent, the first...
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Zuni Frog Fetish with Feathers and Six Directions by Andy Abeita CF18/12
This beautifully hand-carved Frog was handmade by Zuni artist Andy Abeita.DETAILS:Artist: Andy Abeita, ZuniSize: 2" Long x 1 1/2" High x 2" WideMaterials: AlabastorCondition: NewCF18-12In Native American cultures, the Frog represents abundance, fertility, cleansing, and are associated with water and...
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