Steve LaRance, Hopi Tufa Cast Silver Cuff Bracelet with Water & Corn Seeds Design SR7
One of a kind tufa cast cuff bracelet by Hopi artist, Steve LaRance. The design represents the continuous water pattern with corn seeds. Because of the dry climate in the southwest, water is extremely important in Native American culture and...
Steve LaRance, Hopi Tufa Cast Silver Cuff Bracelet with Continuous Water Design SR8
One of a kind tufa cast cuff bracelet by Hopi artist, Steve LaRance. The design represents continuous water and because of the dry climate in the southwest, this design is considered to be a extremely important in Native American culture....
Steve LaRance, Hopi Tufa Cast Silver Band Ring with Spiral Migration Design 0/148
One of a kind tufa cast band ring by Hopi artist, Steve LaRance. The design represents the spiral migration pattern and is considered to be a spiritual design in Native American culture. Steve LaRance is a noted and award winning...
Navajo Inlay Bracelet by David Rosales of the Supersmith Collection - Black Jade, Picture Jasper and Turquoise 0/142
This is a great Navajo bracelet that hosts a rug pattern design created with black jade, picture jasper and turquoise. The cuff was designed by David Rosales, the owner of the Supersmith collection. The stones are cut by hand and...
Supersmith Contemporary Navajo Inlay Ring with Lapis, Denim Lapis and Cultured Opal Designed by David Rosales 0/122
This lovely contemporary inlay ring hosts Lapis, Denim Lapis and Cultured Opal. The design was created by meticulous cuts of the stones to fit together into this stunning geometric design. This ring is a very high quality and beautiful statement...
Red Mountain Turquoise Bolo Tie by Royce "Eagle Boy" Kohlmeyer, Jemez Pueblo jeweler
Genuine natural Red Mountain Turquoise set in sterling silver makes this handmade one-of-a-kind Native American bolo tie absolutely beautiful as well as highly collectible. The artist, Royce "Eagle Boy" Kohlmeyer is a noted artist from Jemez Pueblo who has numerous...
Effie Calabaza aka Effie C, Zuni Kingman Turquoise Bolo Tie Circa 1960's VW11
Genuine Effie Calabaza aka Effie C - Vintage Kingman Turquoise Bolo Tie. This piece came from a priviate collector in St. Louis who purchased his pieces in New Mexico in the 1960's and early 1970's. DETAILS:Artist: Effie Calabaza aka Effie...
Blue Turquoise and Red Coral Vintage Authentic Native American Navajo Ring
Great old vintage Navajo ring with blue turquoise and genuine red branch coral. The ring has a great traditional Native American look and would be perfect for either men or women. Simple and stunning!Details:Artist: Navajo unknownSize: Ring size 11Design size:...
Blue Turquoise Zuni Inlay Cuff Links by Orlinda Natewa
Perfect for men or women! Zuni inlay blue turquoise round cuff links. Wonderful for any occasion.Details:Artist: Orlinda Natewa, ZuniSize: 3/4" round12 GramsMaterials: Blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Sterling SilverCondition: New
Zuni Inlay Black Jet Cuff Links for Men or Women
Genuine Native American Zuni Inlay Black Jet Cuff LinksDetails:Artist: Unknown ZuniSize: 1/2" x 1/2"Materials: Black Jet and Sterling SilverCondition: New
Vintage Navajo Multi Stone Turquoise Belt Buckle
Fantastic vintage Navajo turquoise cluster belt buckle. This buckle has wonderful character with 13 turquoise stones and embellished with rain drops throughout. Each stone is set with a handmade flat bezel.Details:Artist: Unknown signed with initials TTSize: 2" long x 3...
Zuni Inlay ring by Charlotte Dishta, Zuni
Traditional Zuni stone to stone inlay ring by Charlotte Dishta, Zuni. The stones are the traditional ones typically used by Zuni artists - Turquoise, Black Jet, coral and Mother of pearl. Really perfectly executed!Details:Artist: Charlotte Dishta, ZuniRing Size: 10Design Size:...
Vintage Turquoise Ring with Snake Design
Ring set with beautiful blue turquoise and embellished with a handmade silver leaf and snake with turquoise eyes. It is possible that this is a ring from the Calabaza family of Zuni artists. They, especially the matriarch Effie Calabaza, are...
Zuni Inlay Ring With Lapis for Man or Woman
Beautiful dark blue Lapis inlay ring. This is an authentic Zuni made ring in classic channel inlay style. The stones are meticulously cut and set into silver channels. Perfect for a man or woman!Details:Artist: Zuni artist unknownRing Size: 12 1/2Design...
Turquoise Inlay Ring by Amy Quadelacy, Zuni
Amy Quandelacy Zuni Inlay Ring incorporates Sleeping Beauty turquoise and is perfect for either a man or woman. The design is Amy’s iconic hummingbird design is beautifully handmade and inlaid. It has Amy’s artist stamp on the inside of the...
Turquoise Ring with Black Jade, Picture Jasper, and Kingman Turquoise by Designer David Rosales
This beautifully handmade multi-stone ring was created by designer David Rosales. DETAILS:Artist: David RosalesSize: 6 1/2Materials: Sterling Silver, Blue Kingman Turquoise, Picture Jasper, and Black JadeCondition: New CHANNEL INLAYTo create a piece of channel inlay jewelry, the artist constructs a...
Handmade Native American Turquoise Inlay Ring
DETAILSArtist: Navajo Size: 9Materials: Sterling Silver, Turquoise Condition: New CHANNEL INLAY To create a piece of channel inlay jewelry, the artist constructs a series of channels in the metal which will hold the stones in place. Stones are carefully measured...
Vintage Zuni Inlay Bug Design Bolo Tie
Vintage bolo tie with multi color inlay. Design is a bug or insect - jury is out about which! Butterfly? Either way the piece has the lovely character of the vintage era of the 1970's Zuni jewelry. Stones are set...
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