Genuine Hopi Coiled Basket with Animal Designs
Lovely genuine Native American coiled basket from the Hopi reservation in northern Arizona. I have traveled to the Hopi mesas to buy artwork many times over the years, and have always loved the basketry made with local materials gathered by...
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Apache Coil Vintage Basket with Cross Design, authentic Apache basket
Authentic Apache coil basket from an estate collection.  This vintage treasure showcases the native cross design and is constructed from a foundation of willow rods.  The weaving is of willow and black devil's claw.  Size:  8 1/2" high x 12"...
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Penobscot Native American 2 Part Darning or Sewing Basket AMC2099
A wonderful example of a utilitarian darning or sewing basket from the Northeast region of the United States.DETAILS:Artist: Penobscot UnknownSize: 4 1/2" high x 4" wideMaterials: Sweetgrass and Poplar splintCondition: Bottom of basket has broken reeds, which are mainly noticeable...
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Algonkian Vintage Splint Wood Potato Stamp Basket 1930's NL20
Wow! What an unusual basket! Potato Stamp Ash Baskets are created using potato die stamps, in order to show the traditional use of vegetable stamps and herbal dyes to decorate ash splint baskets. The dies consist of chunks of potatoes...
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Mary Holiday Black, Navajo coiled basket - Cheyenne Blanket Design
MARY HOLIDAY BLACK basket:It is hard to imagine that Mary Holiday Black not only never attended school, but did not speak English. Her basketry has touched so many people and is found in important collections worldwide. She was born in...
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