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Vintage Red Coral Navajo Diamond Shaped Sterling Silver Ring
Great old vintage red coral authentic Navajo sterling silver ring. The stone is encircled by a flat bezel and surrounded by a handmade twist wire and beautiful large raindrops. It has a handmade split shank and sits very comfortably on...
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Vintage Turquoise Navajo extra large Ring with Coral
There is SO much to love about this vintage Navajo ring. It hosts two large teardrop shaped turquoise stones, one piece of very nice red coral set into a traditional style setting. It has handmade flat bezels around the stones,...
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Vintage Turquoise Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace
Authentic Navajo Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace. This piece is a beautiful example of the traditional iconic Navajo necklace known as the squash blossom. The design is simple and can be worn easily in any region of the world. Details:Artist -...
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Authentic Vintage Navajo Squash Blossom with Red Coral - Huge!
This is a fabulous vintage Navajo Squash Blossom necklace with dark red coral and clean traditional silver work. Honestly amazing piece!Each piece of coral is set in a handmade flat bezel and embellished with leaves, twist wire and rain drops....
Estevan Garcia 14K Gold, Turquoise and Diamond Ring KA2
14K Gold and Natural turquoise ring set with 2 diamonds by noted goldsmith, Estevan Garcia. This is a rare find as Estevan passed away in 2009. Estevan Garcia is a New Mexico jeweler living in Santa Fe. While he is...
Haida Doctor's Basket - Antique from the Ned Wheatly Collection from 1927 AC32
Antique Haida Doctor's Sachel Basket. This is a fabulous old piece. The tag that came with the basket indicates that was purchased for the Ned Wheatly collection in Seattle, Washington in 1927. I was unable to find information on this...
Washoe Native American Antique Single Rod Gapstitch Basket with Lid
Washoe Native American Single Rod Gapstitch basket with lid from the turn of the century. Circa 1920's. The Washoe Indian tribe are a Great Basin tribe of Native Americans, living near Lake Tahoe at the border between California and Nevada....
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Lorraine Black, Navajo Basket with Sun, Plants and Figures
Lorraine Black is the daughter of famed basket weaver, Mary Holiday Black. Her traditional upbringing and commitment to her culture is obvious in the one-of-a-kind creations that she makes. Her exceptional weaving technique is equal to her designs. In addition...
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Loris Langley - Coushatta Pine Needle Basket with Pine Cones
Fabulous authentic Coushatta Pine needle basket with pine cones by noted basket maker, Loris Langley. The basket has a perfectly fitted lid and is in great condition. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Department of the Interior...
Blue Turquoise and Red Coral Genuine Navajo Vintage Ring with Leaf
Great old vintage Navajo ring in the traditional style. The blue turquoise and red coral are surrounded by handmade design including a leaf, rope and flower pedals. Lovely long well made artistry for women or girls.Details:Artist: Navajo signed AJSize:Ring Size...
Vintage Genuine Navajo Green Turquoise Ring with Leaf and Scroll Work
Classic Navajo style! A lovely piece of genuine Southwestern mine turquoise set in sterling silver. The design is very traditional with a flat bezel surrounding the stone, handmade leaf, rope design, flower and other silver embellishments. This is the kind...
Native American Genuine Navajo Scroll Style Ring with Blue Turquoise
Beautiful genuine turquoise ring made by a Navajo artist in a traditional style using handmade silver embellishments. The design includes a flat bezel around the stone, rope design, leaf and raindrop balls. The band is a handmade split shank which...
King's Manassa Green Turquoise Navajo Ring for Men or Women
Wow! The perfect vintage traditional Navajo ring for those that like the beauty of the stone without too much silver work. This genuine turquoise is from Colorado's King's Manassa turquoise mine. That turquoise is known for it's rich shade of...
Authentic Vintage Navajo Ring with Blue Bisbee Turquoise and Handmade Leaf and Silver Work
The Best! An old style vintage Navajo ring made in the traditional style that uses the stone as the focus but enhances it with handmade silver design. In this case, the design includes a leaf, rope, stamp and raindrop outline....
Vintage Blue Turquoise Navajo Ring with Flat Bezel and Rope Design
The best! A classic old style of Navajo jewelry. Somewhat simple but perfectly executed as a cool vintage Navajo statement ring. The top design sits on a split shank band, which keeps the ring in place and is very comfortable....
Blue Turquoise and Red Coral Vintage Authentic Native American Navajo Ring
Great old vintage Navajo ring with blue turquoise and genuine red branch coral. The ring has a great traditional Native American look and would be perfect for either men or women. Simple and stunning!Details:Artist: Navajo unknownSize: Ring size 11Design size:...
Vintage Red Coral and Blue Turquoise Navajo Flower Cluster Ring
Navajo vintage flower design cluster ring with genuine red coral and blue green turquoise. The stones are encircled with a serrated bezel and highlighted with raindrops. This is a statement ring and sits comfortably on the finger for everyday enjoyment....
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Vintage Navajo Bracelet Cuff with Turquoise for Men or Women
Vintage Navajo turquoise cuff with 5 green turquoise stone set in flat bezels and embellished with twist wire, round beads and a stamped split shank wrist band. This is a classic and traditional style of old Navajo jewelry. It is...
Authentic Zuni Inlay Bracelet with Sun Bonnet Design
Fabulous authentic and traditional Zuni channel inlay sunface with bonnet. The design is beautifully executed with the stones meticulously cut to fit into the sterling silver channels. This piece came from a collection in central IL. The original owner was...
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Larry and Lorinda Dickson, Authentic Zuni Sunface Design Bracelet Cuff
Tradition authentic Zuni style channel inlay with sun design by Larry and Lorinda Dickson, Zuni. The piece is signed by the artists and is absolutely beautiful The sun represents a new beginning and this is a very traditional style created...
Navajo Genuine Turquoise Cluster Belt Buckle for Men or Women
Authentic Navajo oval belt buckle with genuine turquoise in a beautiful shade of blue. The turquoise is attributed to be Morenci. the turquoise has black matrix and is nugget style. REALLY great look. There are 15 turquoise stones set in...
Sterling Silver Navajo Vintage Sand Cast Belt Buckle for Men or Women
Classic and traditional Navajo sand-cast sterling silver belt buckle. Beautiful design and perfect for either a man or woman. Details: Artist: Unknown NavajoSize: 2 1/2" long x 3 1/4" wideWill accommodate a 1 1/2" belt74.7 GramsMaterial: Sterling SilverCondition: Pre-Owned -...
Vintage Zuni Inlay Watch Tips with Turquoise, Coral, Black Jet and Mother of Pearl for Man or Woman
Absolutely beautiful vintage old Zuni inlay watch tips. The tips host the following stones: Turquoise, Red coral, black jet and Mother of Pearl. The style is called channel inlay as the stones are meticulously cut to fit into the silver...
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Vintage Turquoise Watch Tips with Snake Design
Traditional authentic Native American watch tips embellished with turquoise stones and snake design. The tips are unsigned so artist is impossible to guarantee, however, the snake design was made famous by the Calabaza family at the Zuni Pueblo. These tips...
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