Vintage Genuine Navajo Cuff bracelet with blue turquoise and red coral signed with initials TL, JK104
DETAILS:Artist: Unknown Navajo artist signed with the initials TL - vintageSize: 5" INSIDE + 1 3/8" GAP. DESIGN 1 3/4" W @ WIDEST TAPERING TO 1 1/4". Weight: 86.7 GRAMSMaterials: Sterling silver, turquoise and red coralCondition: From an estate- perfect...
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Antique Native American Sandcast bracelet, Navajo sandcast bracelet, 1940's Navajo cuff (ML1)
This vintage treasure has a great story. When Alice was a young girl, her family made a road trip from IL to New Mexico. It was there, on the side of the road, that her mother got to talking with...
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Marcus Coochwikvia, Hopi overlay bracelet with turquoise, Authentic Hopi overlay bracelet with natural blue turquoise (JD31)
This is a gorgeous one of a kind wide cuff by legendary Hopi artist, Marcus Coochwikvia. Marcus is from the village of Mishongnovi on the Hopi Mesa reservation and has been making jewelry since 1973. His attention to detail and...
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Mary Louise Tafoya, Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo Multi Stone Mosaic Necklace with Turquoise & Spiny Oyster shell (2/128)
I am honored to offer this one-of-a-kind necklace by noted Kewa Pueblo jeweler, Mary Tafoya. I have known Mary for many years and travel to her Pueblo home to purchase her jewelry. Her work is absolutely beautiful!DETAILS:Artist: Mary Louise Tafoya,...
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