Turkey Katsina by Muriel Navasie Calnimptewa, Hopi - Turkey Hopi Kachina (RS186)
Muriel Navasie Calnimptewa - August 9. 1954 - October 18, 1988 Muriel took numerous awards in her short life and as the wife of legendary carver, Cecil Calnimptewa worked with him side by side. She focused not only on carving...
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Eototo Katsina by William Kootswatewa, Hopi - Eototo Hopi Kachina (RS211)
Eototo Kachina by William Kootswatewa, Hopi. William is a member of the squash clan and was born in 1955. He has taken numerous awards and creates his dolls in a lifelike manner. His work is very distinctive and the Eototo...
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