Sum it up!

Not long ago I watched the movie “Walk the Line” about country singer Johnny Cash’s life. He was asked, “What sums you up?”

That simple line moved me and was the impetus for this email. So, what does sum me up? Or, for purposes of this email, “What sums up The Sundance Gallery”? I understand, on an intuitive level, that this place is very special. But what makes it special? The answer to this question is 30 years in the making. It was 1984 when the gallery doors opened. The name of the gallery has changed (mine too!) - But the roots continue to dig deep and strong. It began in the 70’s. A visit with my brother in Tucson, AZ changed the course of my life and pushed me with unrelenting intensity towards a career working with Native American people. I had no idea what it would mean, how I would do it or if I could do it. But, here I am, 30 years later! 30 years!

What makes it special? The answer has very little to do with me. It has more to do with the depth, richness and beauty of the Native American culture and the way Native American artisans honor their ancestral heritage by creating timeless pieces and imbuing those items with love, humor and humility. An “impossible to describe” feeling washes over you when you enter the gallery and allow yourself a moment to look, really look, at the detail of the Katsina carvings, the intricacy of the Navajo rug patterns and the precision of the Native American jewelry designs created with unparalleled mastery. You realize how important it is that this culture not only survives, but thrives in spite of a history of challenges and attempts to diminish its presence.

So, what does “sum it up”? I wish I could answer this question with confidence and clarity, but I can’t seem to do that. And, that is OK. The questions change and the answers are less important than the depth and timelessness of what really makes what I do important – you. Your curiosity, commitment, and shared enthusiasm for Native American jewelry and art makes each day, for 30 years and counting, a blessing.

That about sums it up!

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